Cardinalis Concrete offers a wide range of volumetric and ready mix concrete solutions to match your project needs. The table below will allow you to search for the different uses and types of the concrete.


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ApplicationDesignated ConcreteStandardised Prescribed ConcreteCement contentRequired Strength Class
Kerb bedding and backingGEN 0ST1120/230C8
Drainage works to give immediate supportGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Other drainage worksGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Oversite below suspended slabsGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Blinding and mass concrete fillGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Strip footingsGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Mass concrete foundationsGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Trench fill foundationsGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Reinforced foundationsRC 35N/A280/350C35
Foundations in Class 2 sulfate conditionsSeek specialistAdviceAdviceAdvice
Foundations in Class 3 sulfate conditionsSeek specialistAdviceAdviceAdvice
Foundations in Class 4A sulfate conditionsSeek specialistAdviceAdviceAdvice
Foundations in Class 4B sulfate conditionsSeek specialistAdviceAdviceAdvice
House floors with no embedded metalGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Permanent finish to be added, e.g. a screed or floating floorGEN 1ST2180/265C10
No permanent finish to be added e.g. carpetedGEN 2ST3200/295C15
Garage floors with no embedded metalGEN 3ST4220/330C20
House/Garage floors containing embedded metalRC 30ST5260/375C30
House drives, domestic parking & external parkingPAV 1N/A280C30
Heavy-duty external pavingPAV 2N/A300C35
Un-reinforced foundationsGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Reinforced foundationsRC 35-280/350C35
Oversite concreteGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Blinding under slabsGEN 1ST2180/265C10
Mass concrete (non-structural)GEN 1ST2180/265C10
Column basesRC 35-280/350C35


Gen 0
  • Kerb Bedding and Backing
Gen 1
  • Drainage works to give Immediate Support
  • Other Drainage Works
  • Oversite below Suspended Slabs
  • Blinding and Mass Concrete Fill
  • Strip Footings
  • Mass Concrete Foundations
  • Trench Fill Foundations
  • House floors with no embedded metal
  • Un-Reinforced Foundations
  • Blinding Under slabs
  • Mass Concrete
Gen 2
  • No Permanent finish to be Added e.g.Carpeted
Gen 3
  • Garage Floors with no Emebedded Metal
  • Oversite Concrete



This mix is used for footings in house construction, where the ground is soft or unstable. It can also be used as the slab foundation for the floors of houses and bungalows, also as a base for hard-standings and pathways.


This level of mix may be required as slab foundation for houses or bungalows. It is also used when replacing or making good existing floors. It is also used in farming as a general yard mix, as it is strong enough to support light machinery and livestock usage.


These are structural concrete mixes for roadways, access to farms or anywhere where large, heavy vehicles require access on a regular basis. Durable mixes to withstand heavy wear and strong enough to withstand the ever-changing climate, continuous heavy rain, frosts, snow and prolonged dry periods.


Used widely in farming, for the construction of slurry and silage pits. In this environment it is required to have the strength to contain tonnes of waste product and a strong mix (i.e. cement content) to withstand the acids and chemicals produced by the content, which often stays in the pits for long periods of time.

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